The vacuum technology we provide is an energy efficient and environmentally-friendly products that integrates water-saving, emission reduction, sewage and waste separation and collection. It is the front end of our fully integrated sewage collection and treatment system.


The vacuum collection system consists of vacuum suction, discharge, and agitating integrated pump (referred to as a vacuum pump), a vacuum toilet, a vacuum drain valve, and a vacuum line.

how it works

The vacuum is established by the vacuum pump. After the vacuum valve is opened, the waste in the toilet enters the vacuum pump through the vacuum pipeline. After being crushed by the vacuum pump, the waste is discharged into the remote sewage collection tank. Because of the efficiency of the vacuum system and pump, the whole process only uses 1/8 of the water consumption compared to traditional toilets.

  • ATD Industry utilizes a patented proprietary vacuum sewage pump.
  • It is the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum pump on the market compared to other systems.
  • The coaxially assembled vacuum-crushing sewage pump, combined with its extremely small size and ultra-light weight, makes the design flexible and adaptable to various sanitation platforms.