How does the vacuum device work?

The vacuum collection system includes a vacuum pump, a vacuum toilet (including a vacuum drain valve), a vacuum line and a controller. When the system is powered on, the vacuum pump starts to establish vacuum. Once the vacuum reaches the set value, the vacuum pump stops running and the system enters the pressure holding state. When flushing the toilet, the vacuum drain valve at the rear of the toilet opens, waste in the toilet then enters the vacuum pump through the vacuum line, and is discharged by a vacuum pump into a remote sewage collection box or municipal pipe network.

What is the advantage of a vacuum system?

The advantage of our vacuum system is its ability to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime. The water consumption per flush is adjustable from 0.16 to 0.26 gallon. As an example, a trailer equipped with a 150 Gallon waste tank can be used between 577 – 937 times before cleaning is required, effectively cutting down the frequency of cleaning and manpower. The size of the waste tank can be customized to meet your demands.

Can the system be powered by a generator?

It sure can, our system can be powered by backup power generators where an electrical connection is not available.

What is special about our vacuum compared to the vacuum technology of similar products?

Our small and compact sewage pump features a heavy duty reamer that smashes and pulverizes waste and objects that enter into the pipeline to prevent blockage. It features an onboard fail safe system that protects the unit from overheating and freezing, making it suitable for use in the harshest of environments.

Are vacuum systems prone to blockage?

In a public environment there are indeed many miscellaneous items that find their way on the wrong side of a toilet. In order to prevent clogging, extra precautions were taken when designing our vacuum system. Our system features a filtration net and sediment tank that effectively intercept objects and items that have no business being in a toilet. A heavy duty commercial reamer smashes and pulverizes all other waste and discharges into a remote waste tank.

What’s the power consumption of the vacuum system?

The vacuum system requires 1 kW of power. Each flush of the toilet consumes 0.004 kW of power.